Privacy Policy

Data Processing and Privacy Statement 1. Introduction 1.1 Sloane Risk Group want to give you the best experience possible. This Data Processing Statement aims to give you a clear view of how we use the personal information that you provide, our dedication to protecting it, your rights and the options you have to control your […]

Why do Businesses and Individuals use Covert Surveillance?

What is Surveillance?   Surveillance is the process of obtaining information also known as intelligence by watching the movements of a subject of interest (SOI) Covert Surveillance is unobtrusively doing this discreetly without the SOI becoming aware of your presence or what you are doing. Why do businesses require Surveillance Services? There are multiple reasons […]

Why CP officers are moving towards a career in Surveillance

Many Close Protection officers are moving towards a career in Surveillance, this blog looks at why this is and provides some tips for getting started. We receive muliple CV’s each week, and part of my reason for writing this blog is to apologise to the number of people that we do not manage to reply […]

CP focusing on “soft skills” Pink Floyd rescue of children

A member of our team was recently involved in recovering two children who were kidnapped by their father and taken to the ISIS front line in Syria. The amazing mission to reunite them with their mother was organised by Clive Stafford Smith, legal director of Reprieve and funded by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Read […]

A Day in the life of a Commercial Surveillance Operation – Part 2

A Day in the Life of a Commercial Surveillance Operation Part 2 The Follow Our former blog post A Day in the Life of a Commercial Surveillance Operation Part 1 talks about some of the things that we take into account before commencing a Surveillance Operation. This post focuses on some of our techniques and […]

A Day in the life of a Commercial Surveillance Operation – Part 1

Part One – The Start Operating in the commercial world where the subject of surveillance is often related to matters such as civil litigation, problematic business deals, or a corporate investigation is very different from operating as part of a government, police or military team where the aim is likely to be related to counter […]

Physical Penetration Testing / Black Teaming benefits

Sloane Risk Group Physical Penetration Testing The importance of Business Security A layered approach to security is vital for all businesses from start-ups to international corporations. Starting with perimeter security and external access control, leading to internal access controls and then secured areas and cabinets, security is the first, second and third ring of defence […]

Stalking, Surveillance and Spying by your spouse or partner

Protecting yourself from spying, stalking and surveillance from your spouse or a former partner. Would your spouse spy on you? Many of our clients suspect that they may be subject to stalking, surveillance and spying by a spouse or partner. We have experienced cases where our client’s email and social media accounts have been accessed, […]

Applying the consultancy cycle to a Black Team assessment

Applying the Consultancy Cycle to a Black Team Assessment A UK tech company requested our services to review their current security strategy, they stipulated a focus on improving staff attitudes towards physical security. The client was satisfied that their outward facing cyber security was very strong but they were concerned about the damage which could […]

Social Media Security Awareness, what not to post this week

Social Media as an OSINT tool It is that time of the year again, the one that is particularly annoying for people who have lots of friends with small children. It is the ‘back to school’ or ‘stand by the front door’ week. Many parents do this, I have been guilty of it myself and […]