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Surveillance, executive protection, physical penetration testing, close protection, staff security training

Full Close Protection Team

Our Close Protection officers or Bodyguards are all highly trained and licensed. Most originate from the Royal Military Police whose training course is amongst the most respected in the world. Our full team service incorporates:
  • 24/7 residential team for your home or office
  • Installation of safe rooms
  • Advance risk assessment of places to be visited
  • Planning and conducting all of your travel movements
  • Providing trained executive drivers and suitable vehicles
  • Providing designated Close Protection officers to accompany both you and your family on business and social events
  • On-going threat assessment and mitigation
  • Government trained counter surveillance working in support of the Close Protection team
We specialise in female officers with years of experience working with UHNWI's, Politicians, Royalty and their children. Many of our female officers can work discreetly and if necessary give the appearance of a friend, nanny or PA. All of our Close Protection Officers are medically trained.

Individual Bodyguard

If you require a more low-key presence we recommend a single bodyguard, a male or female highly trained and experienced to accompany you whenever you need them. They can work alongside a driver or in low risk situations can double up as a security chauffeur.

Protective Surveillance

Another low-key option is Protective Surveillance.

Some clients are reluctant to have an overt bodyguard but they still need close protection, or they may have a family member that they want to keep safe but that person feels they will lose their freedom.
Protective Surveillance is a hybrid of Surveillance and Close Protection, the operators are trained in Surveillance and will stand off at a distance where they can observe the client without being obvious, they are also qualified and registered Close Protection Officers, trained to identify and react to hostile threats.
Our Protective Surveillance officers are an elite group trained to the highest military and Government standards and derive from the few organisations who specialise in Close Protection and Surveillance.
This service will typically use a bespoke team who are best suited to the locations visited by the client and the local environment.

Protective surveillance is used in a range of circumstances, from teenagers first holidays abroad to business meetings where a client may not feel 100% secure, and in cases where someone may be concerned about a family member's activities.


Security chauffeurs

Our Security Chauffeurs provide an extra layer of security that you would not expect from a regular chauffeur.
They are trained in anti surveillance and advanced driving techniques to police and military standards and have exceptional knowledge of London and other big cities worldwide.

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Surveillance, executive protection, physical penetration testing, close protection, staff security training