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Surveillance, executive protection, physical penetration testing, close protection, staff security training

Corporate Training Packages and Workshops

We offer a range of Corporate Training Packages including:

Surveillance Awareness Training for Executives

This workshop is suited for executives who may be targeted in order for competitors to gain intelligence for industrial espionage and for those who due to the nature of their status or business type could be at risk from hostile attack or kidnap.

The workshop can be adapted to suit the client from a two hour presentation to a two day exercise featuring, what intelligence hostile operators will try and establish, where they will position themselves, how they will conduct a follow, what equipment they might use, how to evade them as well as providing some specific security and safety advice.

This can also be provided in a relaxed and friendly environment for the families of executives and high net worth individuals.


Staff Security Awareness Training

This training package focuses on the fact that employees are often the weakest link of a businesses security structure, we provide case studies of how we try and exploit staff members when we conduct physical penetration tests, the type of threats that a business can face, what staff can do to protect themselves and the business and the consequences of poor security awareness.

This is often a follow up workshop after a physical penetration test, enabling us without blame or embarrassment to show staff exactly what they are doing wrong and how they can improve their security awareness.



Physical Penetration Workshop for Corporate Cyber Departments

We frequently work alongside businesses that offer Cyber Penetration Testing and Red Teaming. Our two day workshop discusses the sort of physical security measures that testers may come across and includes selective modules such as the basics of social engineering, an introduction to lock picking and RFID technology.

Day two involves a real life physical penetration test in a safe environment which enables the delegates to experience the problems which can occur during a physical entry, how to react dynamically to unfolding opportunities and situations and to address  and manage the adrenaline which many testers will experience during a physical entry.

Hostile environment awareness training

This two day workshop focus's on personal and business security when operating in a hostile environment and teaches an awareness of the types of threat which may be directed towards a traveller as well as how to mitigate them and what to do in an emergency. It can be tailored to any particular area or country required.


Lone female traveller workshops

The objective of this one day workshop is to provide women travellers with the skills to remain safe when travelling alone. It focus's on personal security, security awareness, recognition of hostile observations, the type of threats female travellers face and how to mitigate them. It can be tailored to a specific country or area if required.

Working with a CP team

For many executives travelling to hostile regions, working with a full CP team can be a daunting experience. Our half day workshop teaches what they will expect from you, what you can expect from your team, how to react in an emergency situation and how a team will operate.

Full day surveillance refresher training exercises for Level 3 operators

Our training exercises take part in Central London and are ideal for Surveillance Operators who are returning to Surveillance after a break, who wish to be better at working as a team, to develop their commentary and navigation skills, practise using new equipment and to develop methods which are not used on every operation such as operating on the underground.

We start with a recap and a communications and terminology briefing before commencing a full days exercise. There is plenty of feedback given and no undue pressure, the purpose is development to enable operators to improve their skills without judgement. It is also a fantastic opportunity to network with likeminded operators.


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Surveillance, executive protection, physical penetration testing, close protection, staff security training