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Lifestyle and Matrimonial Surveillance

Peace of mind or Proof of Cheating?

Many of our customers require Private Investigators to gather matrimonial and lifestyle evidence to prove a partner is cheating, in divorce proceedings or a breech in child custody arrangements.

Our services can range from vehicle tracking to deploying a matrimonial surveillance team. Every situation is unique and we have experience in a broad range of cases. We frequently work with legal professionals and gather evidence and prepare reports to be presented at court

Our lead investigators are members of both the Professional Investigators Network and the ABI (The Association of British investigators. Our Private Investigation and Surveillance Operatives are all ICO registered and observe the spirit of RIPA.

We adhere to the ABI's strict code of ethics and standards.

The surveillance and investigation industry remains a ‘free-for-all’, where untrained and unscrupulous operators are free to practice. This tarnishes the reputation of our industry as a whole and we are proud to show our ABI membership as a badge of our quality and high standards.

We have offices in both London and Brighton and operate throughout the UK and overseas.

For more information please contact us:

London Office - 0203 897 22 72

Brighton Office - 01273 978969

71-75 Shelton St

Covent Garden