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Open Source Intelligence for Investigations

OSINT - Open Source Intelligence is a vital part of a Due Dilligence operation.  It primarily focus's on social media and can be used to identify the whereabouts, routine and pattern of life of an individual.

Due Dilligence

Our more in-depth corporate based investigations also include research into  company's and their key principals including an analysis of the company history and business structure, a check of all litigation records for the company and its key personnel, a check of sanctions lists, and comprehensive checks into the background of all key personnel to ensure that they are not disqualified directors and have clear track records. It will also include a reputational assessment of the company and its key personnel based on publicly available information.


Digital Profiling

Social media has changed the way people communicate and socialise, it is commonly used for professional purposes within business. Social media has many positive attributes, but it is also possible for it to be used for hostile activity against people and organisations.

We offer a digital profiling service to help identify online vulnerabilities for high profile  and vulnerable people and to assist in removing data where possible, along with advising users on how they can help reduce digital vulnerabilities through increased awareness levels and possibly changing their behaviour or that of others around them.

Each client is profiled alongside their family members if required and then given a strategy to implement to improve their privacy and security.

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