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Test your Security Culture

Assessing and testing your organisations security through the eyes of a potential attacker

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Also known as Physical Infiltration or Black Teaming

Working within the parameters of agreed tactics and objectives specific to your business and the type of threats you may face, our experienced Physical Penetration Testing Team will assess your security vulnerabilities through the eyes of both organised and opportunistic attackers.

This real-life approach is proven to detect more vulnerabilities than a box ticking audit style test.

Our team of OSINT investigators and Social Engineers will build a picture of your organisation’s security posture with an emphasis on staff security culture.

We will then attempt to gain access to your property and exploitable data regardless of size and existing security measures, via a range of physical entry, social engineering and technical entry tactics.

The Black Team will revisit your premises over a day or a selection of days to conduct the series of tests using testers with a range of profiles suited to your particular location.

This can be combined with options such as a phone social engineering or spear phishing attack against your staff to further establish their security awareness levels and observance of procedures.

It can also be coordinated with a simultaneous red team cyber-attack if required.

Following the test, we will create a comprehensive report using a risk assessment matrix to score your security level.  We will make recommendations of how you can improve your current residential or corporate security.

When you have made any suggested changes, we can conduct further security testing to ensure that they have been implemented accordingly.

We can use our findings to create and deliver bespoke staff training packages to increase the awareness of your staff and improve the security culture of your business.

We also offer a Digital Profiling service for executives, this will identify online vulnerabilities which we can then remove where possible. Each client is given a strategy to implement which will improve their privacy leading to better business and personal security.

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