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Protective Surveillance

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Protect your loved ones

Some clients are reluctant to have an overt bodyguard but they still need close protection, or they may have a family member that they want to keep safe but that person feels they will lose their freedom.
Protective Surveillance is a hybrid of Surveillance and Close Protection, the operators are trained in Surveillance and will stand off at a distance where they can observe the client and anyone conducting hostile surveillance against the client without being obvious, they are also qualified and registered Close Protection Officers, trained to identify and react to hostile threats.
Our Protective Surveillance officers are an elite group trained to the highest military and Government standards and derive from the few organisations who specialise in Close Protection and Surveillance.
This service will typically use a bespoke team who are best suited to the locations visited by the client and the local environment.

Protective surveillance is used in a range of circumstances, from teenagers first holidays abroad to business meetings where a client may not feel 100% secure, and in cases where someone may be concerned about a family member's activities.

In cases where a client is at risk from kidnap or attack, threat actors will spend a considerable amount of time conducting surveillance against their target. We advise these clients to have a dedicated Counter Surveillance team who will work in conjunction with a Close Protection Team, this team will be able to identify hostile surveillance against the client and the Close Protection team and mitigate an attack in the early planning stages. Learn more about  Counter Surveillance.

Our lead investigators are members of both the Professional Investigators Network and the ABI (The Association of British investigators). Our Private Investigation and Surveillance Operatives are all ICO registered and observe the spirit of RIPA.

We adhere to the ABI's strict code of ethics and standards.

The surveillance and investigation industry remains a ‘free-for-all’, where untrained and unscrupulous operators are free to practice. This tarnishes the reputation of our industry as a whole and we are proud to show our ABI membership as a badge of our quality and high standards.

We have offices in both London and Brighton and operate throughout the UK and overseas.

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