Red Teaming and Cyber Security

Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (CSIR)

We help organisations achieve this state of enhanced and sustainable Information Resilience through a range of products and services.

Cybersecurity services:

Our testing and vulnerability management services, from penetration testing to gold standard Red Teaming (CREST Approved).

Our Red Teaming attack can be combined with a multi pronged physical entry attack.

Information management and privacy:

We can ensure that your company is compliant with GDPR and that you follow the correct procedures when processing personal identifiable information (PII) and that the correct controls are in place for acquiring, archiving and destructing this information

Security awareness and training:

Compliance services:

From PCI DSS to NIST framework, Cyber Lab certification to ISO 27001 implementation,
our strategic partner enables organizations to ensure compliance through knowledge of the standards and regulatory landscape, with a highly experienced teams of consultants.

We provide training for employees, often the weakest link in cybersecurity defence, to ensure that they become vigilant and resilient to the omnipresent threats of phishing and other attacks.