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We can make an advance trip to a destination which you may need to attend for business or holiday purposes. Arranging the travel, logistics, accommodation and transport services before you arrive and ensuring that your visit runs smoothly and that you only deal with reputable professionals in safe areas.

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Residential Security Management

We offer a large range of residential services from security system installation and monitoring your property whilst you are away to establishing a full on-site 24/7 residential security team who will look after all of your security requirements. We can apply this to your home, estate or office.

Threat and Risk Assessments and Mitigation Planning

From large businesses at risk from crime or sabotage to occasional overseas trips requiring travel security management, our security risk team can conduct a business security management threat and risk assessment and advise you on how best to mitigate any risks which you may face regarding any potential Security Risk Management issues. This is recommended in conjunction with our Physical Penetration Testing Service.

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